Alois Alzheimer Airport

Note that this game is under development. We're uploading new versions as we build them, and the game may change at any time and things might get broken (and then fixed again later). If you notice that something doesn't work, let us know!

About the game

Find items lost by the visitors of the airport and return them before they are lost forever. 

Best played in full screen and with a controller. Use the left stick to move around, and the main button to grab items.

Running the game

This is a browser-based game. Just click on the Run game button above, and enjoy! The game works best with a controller, but it can also be played with a keyboard.

Moving around: left stick, WSAD, or arrow keys.
Grabbing items: Button A on the controller, Space, or left mouse button.


Game design: OndraSej & Peregrine
Graphics: Peregrine
Programming: OndraSej


Download 20 MB
OS 32 MB

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