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We've started working on a new game! Woohoo!

Well, started is not the right word. When we formed Trion Team long ago, it was not just because we both loved video games. It was because there was one particular genre we felt was not getting enough attention from publishers - the bottom-up shoot-em-up games. These games had a great tradition on the arcade machines. They thrived on 8-bit computers, and they were absolutely awesome on 16-bit machines. But the fashion changed.

In early 2000, accelerated 3D graphics had just become the norm. Most people finally got a GPU that was powerful enough, and all game developers tried to push a 3D game - an FPS preferably, or at least a 3rd-person adventure. And it seemed that no one cared for 2D gameplay anymore. But we still enjoyed them and wanted to play some new ones. The last one we could find was Tyrian, released in 1995.

Tyrian screenshot (from MobyGames

Since it seemed that no one will create a new game for us, we decided to create our own. We already had some experience with programming and computer graphics. We even built a few small games before, so a bigger game can't be that much harder? We got a compiler and graphics software, so we had everything we needed, right? Well, it turned out that we were wrong - and even though we got back to the game several times, we never actually finished.

The full history of the game will be a matter of another post. Suffice to say, the game is still not completed. The situation with scrolling shoot-em-up is now much better thanks to awesome indie studios, but we still want to finish ours - if nothing else, just for the fun of making it. We decided to scrape what we made in the past once more - we used to build our own tech back then, but we don't have time for that now that we're not students anymore. Unity already has more than our engine ever could do and allows us to focus on the game.

And since we're making the game for our own amusement and no profit, we'll keep the development as open as possible. Since we won't be selling the game, we don't have to care about elaborate reveal and marketing plans. And if you watching the game grow and we get some feedback during development, everyone wins.

Just keep in mind that we're in very early stages of development. What we show is our experimental playground, not a playable game!

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